7th meeting, actually learning

We met yesterday for the 7th time, and this time we chose to focus on the language. So I learnt some German. Now I know how to order coffee in a  bar, which is honestly the only thing I drink at bars. I also learnt how to greet someone; how to ask them how they feel and the answer to that.

We had our meeting while I was having lunch so Lynn had the opportunity to try beans that I brought from my town.


After learning some German and eating my beans we started making Finnish munkkis, it was kind of a failure but we had fun doing it, and at least the dough tasted good, even though the final result was a mess.

We also played the ukulele while baking. Well, I played the ukulele and Lynn listened, I played a couple of Spanish songs from a band I really like; the band’s name is Vetusta Morla. But Lynn also tried playing something.

2016-03-26 06.37.10 1


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