Korean cooking

After our Austrian cooking session we met at lunchtime and prepared a typical Korean menu. I was really curious about these meeting because I’ve never tasted Korean food.

We made 떡볶이 (dduk bok ki) as main dish and 호떡 (ho dduk) as desert.
떡볶이 is made from soft rice cake, vegetables and red pepper sauce. Koreans usually use a lot of these spicy sauce but the girls showed consideration and didn’t use too much 😉 So it was perfect for me!

Korean cooking

호떡 is a pancake filled with brown sugar and cinnamon. It was really tricky to make them because the dough was so sticky. But the taste was fantastic! Thanks to Eunhye and Mi Hyeon for that great lunch, I really enjoyed it!

After eating we talked about the ingredients of 떡볶이 and 호떡 and other typical Korean dishes. I taught them the German alphabet. We were listening the ABCD-song so it was easy for them to keep it in their mind.

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