Food tasting meeting !

For this meeting, our team has decided to share our culinary origins. Indeed, it is a main important point who represent a country; it’s why we did that.

France is very known for her gastronomy, and personally I am very interesting about this kind of culture. It was a pleasure to taste our French cheese like the “Morbier”, “Tomme de  Savoie” and “Comté”. I really like to see the impression of Somaya and Emilia; it a very weird taste for them ! But cheese miss me a lot here, so I was very happy to eat them a little bit !! We explain to them, that to have the best cheese’s tasting you have to eat bread such as “La Baguette” (famous French’s bread) with a glass of red wine. It is usually how we do in France. We also wanted them to discover some famous dishes like “Fondue”, “Tartiflette” etc … They were a little bit surprised by some of them.

We also taste a very famous finish candy : Salmiakki. It looks like  licorice but it is more salt. Personally, I liked a lot. Furthermore, we have eaten : chocolate with peppermint from Fazer. We don’t have this kind of chocolate in France.

Somaya, the German girl told to us some famous dishes such as “Choucroute” a dish with sausage, potatoes and cabbage (but I already knew), Bauernfruhstuck = “Peasant’s Breakfast”, Spázele … I have noticed that all the dishes have potatoes !!

I really enjoy this meeting; indeed I have learnt many new things about culinary from Finland any German and I have really liked to share French food.

IMG_5191  French girls are so happy to share their cheese !!

IMG_5192  Famous finish candy, very sweet !!



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