6th meeting at the cat cafe

For our 6th meeting I was meeting with Tess and Lisanne in the cat cafe Purnauskis in Tammela. I had also my boyfriend’s sister with me who is currently visiting us from Holland so the girls got to exchange some experiences in Dutch and about Finland and Tampere. The cats in the café were cute and laid back,  just casually hanging out at a shelf near the ceiling or jumping on people’s tables for sneaky bites. We enjoyed the place where the cats were clearly taken a really good care of and they had so many places to explore and things to do in that cafe.

We were discussing the Finnish spring and weather: how it changes and it’s almost impossible to know what the weather will be like next week in the spring time.  Probably cross-country skiing is now out of the question for the rest of the spring at least, as at the moment almost all the snow has gone – such a shame as the girls wanted to try but we were quite busy and were not able to agree on a time to meet ever when there would have been a good weather to go skiing. The girls had recently also had their families and/or boyfriends over so we disussed on what they have been up to.

I was also on my way to my Dutch class in Ahjola and we were discussing a little bit about that, the quality of teaching and my language learning in general. I also decided I would try and find this Dutch tv-series Penoza dvd box to learn the language while watching tv  😉

This time it was not the most educational meeting as we didn’t do anything very traditional for neither culture but it was still a nice cultural exchange meeting in an exotic environment surrounded by cats.. 😉 Perhaps soon enough, weather permitting, we can go on a cycling trip!


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