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6th meeting

Greeting Easter, we made some bread “Rosinenzopf”. When I arrived at her flat she already made dough so as soon as I arrived, we could make bread. At first, with that dough we made ‘bunny bread’, Carina taught her way to make that and it was sooo cute. I think she is creative 😀

And then we made zopf. When I saw the picture of the bread before making, i wonder how to make that feature but it was pretty easy like braiding hair. During baking, I reviewed German numbers and learned some grammars. how to change verbs according to subjects. There are some irregularity so was a little difficult but was okay.

However the most difficult thing was ‘articles’. In English there are just a/an and the but in German it chages accoring to gender also. There are some rules to decide genders of nouns but maybe I should just memorize nouns with its article.

And the smells of bread and tastes were also reeeaaally great!  I really enjoyed it. Also Carina gave me a cholcolate which looks like bunny. What a cute chocolate! Thank you Carina~~

Meeting at Fazer Cafe

Our 5th meeting was at Fazer Cafe in Tampere. We decided to focus on counting. We started with the Korean numbers and I was really surprised because it’s quite easy.
0 = 영 (young)
1 = 일 (ill)
2 = 이 (i)
3 = 삼  (sam)
4 = 사 (sa)
5 = 오 (o)
6 = 육 (yuk)
7 = 칠 (chil)
8 = 팔 (pal)
9 = 구 (gu)
10 = 십 (sip)
11 = 십일 (shipil)
12 = 십이 (shipi)
100 = 백 (baek)
1000 = 천 (cheon)
10000 = 만 (man)

In Koran you just have to combine these numbers, for example 357 = 삼백오십칠 (sambaekosipchil).
After Korean we started to teach Mi Hyeon counting in German and I realized that it’s not easy because there are a lot of irregularities. But Mi Hyeon did a great job and memorized it quickly.

Korean cooking

After our Austrian cooking session we met at lunchtime and prepared a typical Korean menu. I was really curious about these meeting because I’ve never tasted Korean food.

We made 떡볶이 (dduk bok ki) as main dish and 호떡 (ho dduk) as desert.
떡볶이 is made from soft rice cake, vegetables and red pepper sauce. Koreans usually use a lot of these spicy sauce but the girls showed consideration and didn’t use too much 😉 So it was perfect for me!

Korean cooking

호떡 is a pancake filled with brown sugar and cinnamon. It was really tricky to make them because the dough was so sticky. But the taste was fantastic! Thanks to Eunhye and Mi Hyeon for that great lunch, I really enjoyed it!

After eating we talked about the ingredients of 떡볶이 and 호떡 and other typical Korean dishes. I taught them the German alphabet. We were listening the ABCD-song so it was easy for them to keep it in their mind.

7th meeting, actually learning

We met yesterday for the 7th time, and this time we chose to focus on the language. So I learnt some German. Now I know how to order coffee in a  bar, which is honestly the only thing I drink at bars. I also learnt how to greet someone; how to ask them how they feel and the answer to that.

We had our meeting while I was having lunch so Lynn had the opportunity to try beans that I brought from my town.


After learning some German and eating my beans we started making Finnish munkkis, it was kind of a failure but we had fun doing it, and at least the dough tasted good, even though the final result was a mess.

We also played the ukulele while baking. Well, I played the ukulele and Lynn listened, I played a couple of Spanish songs from a band I really like; the band’s name is Vetusta Morla. But Lynn also tried playing something.

2016-03-26 06.37.10 1


Alias at Café Europa

This time we played Finnish board game called Alias. In Alias one team member explains words from word cards to other team member(s). Every recognized word is one point. The only forbidden word in explanations is the word that is being explained. In our version of the game we had 2 minute time limit for each turn and mixed up languages; we explained in English, guessed in Finnish and then translated the words is Spanish. It was really fun.


Here is some of the words we translated

piirileikki – la ronda

hukkua – to get lost – perderse

hukkua – to drown – ahogarse

orava – la ardilla

vahtikoira – el perro guardian

huulipuna – lábiz labial (lábiz =pencil, labial = for lips, lavios = lips)

Last word led us to talk about lip balms. It seems that in Costa Rica the leading lip balm brand, Chapstick, is used as a synonym for lip balm. We also talked about words with double meanings, like hukkua, and words related to sending mail. So, now I know I was supposed to ask for estampillas when I was looking for stamps in Spanish, not stampas as I did.

Looking forward to learning more.

5th meeting

Today we met at the ‘Fazer’s cafe’ which is my favorite and I learned numbers in German. First it looked difficult to memorize but very interesting!

0= nulla, 1= eins, 2= zwei, 3= drei, 4= vier, 5= fünf, 6= sechs, 7= sieben, 8= acht, 9= neun,      10= zehn, 11= elf, 12= zwölf, 20= zwanzig, 30= dreißig ( new word “ß” was interesting, it sounds strong S ), 60= sechzig, 70=siebzig, 100= hundert, 1000= tousend.

And it was also intersting that the order to name from 21 to 99 is different from Korea. If i want to tell 21 in German then I should say one and twenty ( = ein und zwanzig ). It was confused but I really enjoyed to learn it today!!

I’m goint to review it tonight so that I don’t forget it 😀

Waterday @TAMK

We met on Wednesday at school because there was waterday event. Jisoo had made water cakes, whitch was made only from gelatin, sugar and water, and it was served with maple syrup. I think it was funny dessert, tasted like water!


We went to listen seminar in auditorium about “Water Services in Global Perspective”. It was interesting to listen, something different than what we normally study at school.

After the seminar we went to have some luch and discussed about different cultures and travelling.
It was nice to meet during school day!

Several meetings later

Hi all,

I will walk you through our first four awesome meetings with Anna with a post that is a bit longer in attempt to compensate for my initial inactivity (sorry about that).

First we met over a delicious meal of hot wings in the city. We discussed our preliminary plans and what each of us wants to get from the course. The plan was simple: Anna was going to teach me basic Korean words, expressions, customs and behaviour; and I was going to help her out with more advanced things in English. During that meeting we learned important things, like how to say cheers in Korean for example.

Our second meeting was the most awesome so far. We went to the Sky bar on top of the Sokos hotel. We got down to some serious language learning, coffee drinking and scenery observation. Anna showed me the Korean characters and we started practising reading and writing with simple words like mom, dad, hello and others.

please don't mind my handwriting... it's difficult with a whole new alphabet
please don’t mind my handwriting… it’s difficult with a whole new alphabet

After Anna showed me how to write in Korean, I showed her the Bulgarian alphabet and she was interested to learn that. It was lots of fun to talk in English and to write in Korean and Cyrillic. I showed her some basic words and she tried to read them out loud and I was amazed how fast she was catching on – way faster than I was with Korean. The top of my evening was when she could read Благодаря /blagodaria/, meaning Thank you in Bulgarian. Suddenly our plan changed and Anna was much more interested to learn things in Bulgarian. This is fine by me, because this way I can show her typical things for my language and country and she would still be improving her English skills as we are talking in English anyway.

The next two meetings we had in the kitchen in Lapinkaari. First Anna and a friend of hers cooked Japchae and a soup with egg and leek. It was all delicious and I can’t wait to show how it’s done to my friends and family back home in Bulgaria and the Netherlands. The other time I cooked for them some typical Bulgarian things. Lots of other people joined us for the meal and it was fun.

Japchae korean soup

In a nutshell, I am really happy with our arrangement with Anna and I am looking forward to learning more and teaching more.

Cafe Europa

We met yesterday in cafe Europa, that was our fifth meeting. We took again first some coffees and teas, and then we start to plan what we do and what we want to study today. Jonna suggested that we could play Alias because it was in the cafe. This was good idea. We explained words in English and then we translated them for Spanish and Finnish, so today we studied very different words.

We studied for example,
postimerkki = estampilla
rulla = rollo
kortti = carta
postitoimisto = oficina postál
muki = taza
kirkko = iglesia
tatuoida = tatuar
yöpuku = traje de noche

Time went again so fast with girls 🙂 I wait the next meeting.


10.3 Fourth meeting “блины!”

So this is probably my favorite meeting so far simply because I like pancakes. Well, I like ohukaisista/letuista/lätyistä/räiskäleistä, I don’t like pannukakuista, its so confusing that we have so many words for different types of crepes/pancakes. Anyway, yeah, we were making blinis. I haven’t eaten those before, so nice to learn that salty pancakes are still tasty 😀 Anyway, so each of us brought some ingredients for them. I brought salmon roe I just happened to have in the freezer. (Don’t ask why, I don’t actually know why)


Tiia's chalkboard table thingy is pretty great place for recipe :D
Tiia’s chalkboard table thingy is pretty great place for recipe 😀

I think we mostly went through words and phrases related to making food. Anyhoo, blinis were great! I even tried once with the roe, but I learned that I indeed prefer whipped cream to seafood.

After we were done eating blinis, we tried playing some weird card game that was kinda similar to Uno. I think it was “Skip-bo” or something? Anyway, we were really tired at that point, but managed to finish that anyway somehow. We were supposed to say numbers on the cards in Russian/Finnish, but I kept forgetting to do that on my turns :’D