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Last meeting

We wanted to meet in Mediapolis on Thursday for our last meeting, as we both study there. There was a really interesting afterparty for the International Week and they had some art exhibits and live music in the studio in Mediapolis. But we did not have much time and we had to leave early.

The afterparty.
The afterparty.

So we decided to meet another time just to have our final breakfast together. We prepared some pancakes today and Saki and Hannah joined us to help us eat them all. But we started preparing those later than expected so we prepared salty pancakes for lunch, and not breakfast, even though we also prepared some sweet ones for dessert.


It is always interesting to meet with Hannah and Saki because Saki has a different perspective in German culture, given that I have it closer to me than her. We talked about what we learnt so far and called it a day, we finished our Each One Teach One. The next two weeks and a half I will not be able to meet Lynn, and I just have 4 weeks left here, but we will certainly make some time to make pancakes again before leaving forever.

Thank you for the experience!

The 10th meeting

We planned a day hiking on Thursday, so Today, Eija, Marjo and I we went hiking together. Marjo and Eija waiting me in Eija’s place and Marjo lend her huge backpack to me and taught me how to use it. Then we start our hiking in a forest. And during the hiking we also found some interesting geocaching. When we planned to come back, we found there is a small stream in the forest, and there was a dead tree across the stream, Eija try to go through it, she walked slowly and finally she did it. Then I also want to try it. When I thought I have made it, then I fall to the stream in next second, one of my shoes was totally wet, but I was still very happy. Every time I went to the forest I felt very happy. Finnish people protect the forest very well.07EB2F8AF0027E9E8E72B93C3A2548189455B444B74FE402F1C27CDE0CEB379D

This is  the last meeting, actually it´s  not the last. we will meet in summer. As I said berore, we are foing to a hiking trip in lapland. We have planned for a long time and we can´t wait this advanture.

Compare the journey with our initial plan, we have achieved most of the part  of our goal and I think what  we have ecperienced  has already exceed the initial simple goal.  I have learned a little bit Finnish and i have tasted the Finnish traditional food cooked by Eija. we have a small excited trip to go to a forest and grill the sausage. It was my first time to eat the famous black sausage. we went to forest many times and find some geocatching. I enjoy the time every time we met. Eija help me to know and understand Finnish culture. She invited me to go to her place to watch the Finnish movie. She introduced me the  traditional Finnish clothes and dagger. I also joined the Halloween party with EIja at Eija´s friend´s party. I knew some new friends and I feel happier and happier study in Finland.  I really like this course ‘Each one teach one ‘ , Eija helped me a lot. Thanks a lot to Eija.

The 9th meeting

Eija told me there is an old castle in hameenlinna, a city 70km from Tampere and got its name from hamee’s castle. It’s built in middle ages city. On this weekend, there is an event called heavy metal. I was really interested in this event. So we went there together. It presents life in middle ages. It was a so big castle and so many rooms in here. We took lots of pictures and bought some interesting souvenir. There was a house tournament in the afternoon. It was my first time to saw brave knights, I was really happy. So handsome knights, haha. I eat sausage and drink coffee, Eija said that I was very Finnish. haha.

The 8th meeting

We planned a 6 days hiking in Lapland and I was so excited about this. But I had no idea about this big hiking and then Eija help me prepare the hiking stuff today. Firstly we went to a shop to buy the wind proof clothes. And after that, we talked about the detail information what I should prepare. For example, what kind of food should I bring, some necessary and emergency stuff. And they told me what I should pay attention. And also eija helped me to buy the sleeping bag and mattress. Eija helped me a lot. I love the forest and I love the nature. I believed that will be a very nice experience hiking in Lapland.

The 7th meeting.

Christmas is coming. And I have nothing to do in Christmas. I will not go home so we decided to go to the city library to borrow some story books. Eija and I went to the city library together, it was a very nice library. And Eija introduced me some Finnish comics, I really enjoy it. I borrow lots of books this time. And then, we went to the Christmas shop. We ate colorful chocolate. Eija told me what they will do during the Christmas holiday, how the Finnish people to celebrate it.  Nice memory.

The 6th meeting


After the first snow in Tampere this year, we went to forest for geocaching. It was my first time to join this game. And it was also the first time for me heard about this game. We went to a forest near my flat. Haha, I have never been the forest near my flat and I think I will never go there along because I always got lost. It was very excited every time when we find a box. It was so funny when we found a plastic box in a tree, it writes “this is not a garbage”. So funny. Every time we found a box I felt so excited. We walked a lot today and now I was really like the forest.


The 5th meeting.

It was my first time to go to an original forest. I was so excited. Eija, Matti and me, we went to a very beautiful forest. There are so many big trees and stones. This time I really enjoy the time with nature. I learned a lot of Finnish words when we wailed. And we saw some small fish in the small river. It was so peaceful. We found a lake finally and grill our sausage. and this time I ate the famous Tampere black sausage. Very nice experience with friends. I love Finland gradually.

The 4th meeting.

I went to Eija’s place and then we went to Eija’s friend’s home, because there was a Halloween party. I really enjoy it. In Eija’s friends home. We 5 girls play porker and drink beverage. In that case, I think I am really happy, it’s like a family reunite. Eija’s friend Marjo was a very kind girl, she lend a spider costume to me. It was my first time to celebrate Hallowmas. And in this party, Marjo made very fruitful mixed drink for us. Every time we met, I learned more Finnish culture. That will be a very good memory.

The third meeting

I visit Eija’s place and enjoyed some tea. Eija has a really cute black cat. The cat is a little fat I think. Then we enjoy a very nice movie, Härmä. Eija told me some basic information about this movie then we stared it. The movie is in Finnish but it has English subtitle so I can understood it. Eija is a good “teacher”, when we saw the movie, she stopped everywhere when I ask her some question in this movie. She told me a lot about the Finnish culture. Now, I think I know much more about Finland. And this time I understood Finnish people really like candles. Nice atmosphere when we saw the movie.

The second meeting

Eija and me we went to a second hand shop and I was shocked here, there has almost everything used in daily life. In my home country, we don’t have so many this kind of shop like these. I learned more Finnish words this time.” flea market”, haha, I just called it second-hand store. And Eija was so patient, she introduced so many second-hand stores in Tampere. And I bought a wallet here. I was so happy.