Skype and floorball

It seems to me that having an on-line group call with a new group always starts with an inevitable 30 min struggle over configurations and getting everyone connected. That was the case this time, too. But as soon as we got it going Skype proved to be an excellent tool in studying languages.

Since I happened to be at a kids floorball tournament at the time we ended up talking about sports. In Spanish floorball is floorball but it is pronounced with a Spanish twist “florbol”. In Finnish all sports equipment meant for handling or hitting any kind of a ball (or a puck, shuttlecock, ringette ring etc.) is called maila. In Spanish tennis is played with “raqueta”, base ball with “bate béisbol”, ice hockey with “palo de hockey” and floorball is played with “palo de floorball”. Palo in Spanish means a stick.

Team = equipo, goalkeeper = portero, forward = delantero, back = defensor, scorer = goleador, referee = arbitro, game = partido. Ball is called bola in Latin America and pelota in Spain. Game field is campo de juego and football is played on campo de fútbol or just cancha.

Next time we’ll have a face to face meeting at an art gallery. Looking forward to it!

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