Seventh meeting : Finland, France and Germany

Last week, I had my seventh meeting with the group. For this meeting and the next ones, we decided to talk about tourism and the best place to visit in each of our country.

For this meeting, Emilia talked about his country : Finland. We don’t really talk about Helsinki, even if it’s the capital because all of us have already been there and we all have our own opinion on this city. For me, it’s difficult to realize that it’s the capital of the country because in my opinion there is no so much stuff to do in this city. I  think that there is more activities to do here in Tampere.

Firstly, Emilia showed us the famous Glass Iglu Hotel in the city of Ivala, in Lapland. It is a dreamy place, but unfortunetly very expensive. It should be really amazing when you spend the night in this hotel and have the luck to see northern light !

The second place was the Kemi Castle, a castle made by ice. It was not a discover because I visited it few weeks ago. But I think it’s amazing, to be able to built a castle only with ice.

Of course, we cannot talk about Finland without talking about the sauna. It’s not possible to come in Finland without try it one time.

Finally, she shared with us her favourite places here, in Tampere : the Vapriikki museum, The Torni hotel with its amazing sky bar and the Särkänniemi Tower.

To finish this meeting, she gives us the “essential words” we should know when we came to Finland :

  • Hyvää Huomenta : Good Morning
  • Hyvää Ruokahalua : Enjoy your meal (Bon appétit in french)
  • Kiitos : Thank you
  • Hyvää Päivänjatkoa : Have a nice day
  • Joulupukki : Santa Claus
  • Minä rakastan sinua : I Love You
  • Talvi : Winter
  • Hyvää yötä : Good night
  • Olen hukassa : I’m lost
  • Voitko puhua hitaammin ? : Can you speak slowly ?
  • En ymmärrä : I don’t understand
  • Nähdään myöhemmin : See you later

It was a nice meeting, when I discovered interesting thing about Finland and usefull words for my life here (particulary “En ymmärrä” which can be very useful in my everyday life). Moreover, we all share about our life’s experience here.

It was a really good meeting, I enjoy it !



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