8th meeting: pannukakku & Penoza

For our 8th meeting we met at my place in Annala again on Thu 14th of April. The girls came over and brought some vanilla ice cream, because we were going to prepare a really traditional Finnish dish: pannukakku, which is basically a pancake made in the oven. You have it with ice-cream and strawberry jam. First we prepared it, which took like ten minutes because it is the world’s easiest dish to prepare, and then started writing down some vocabulary. We wrote everything in three languages so everyone would learn something. Some new things that I learned:

whisk: garde

to bake: bakken

pannukakku; pannekoek

Dutch vocabulary is sometimes really similar to English or Swedish, such as ‘oven’ or ‘honing’ so I am not writing these things nor the ones that I already know.

While enjoying panceks, we watched another episode of a Dutch crime series Penoza with Dutch subtitles which made it much easier for me to know what was going on than without the subtitles. I was also writing down vocabulary such as ‘hooikorts’ (hay fever), ‘keus’ (choise) and useful stuff such as ‘spul’ (slang, referring to drugs). In Penoza they speak in a Dutch accent I am not used to listening to, therefore it is quite challenging for me to keep following what they are saying! But the subtitles definitely help! I will keep on watching Penoza with the subtitles and become a master in Dutch street slang 😉

The girls really liked pannukakku and I promised to write down the recipe so they can also cook it at home. Here it goes:

4 eieren

1 litre melk

0,55 litre bloem

1 theelepel zout

1 eetlepel suiker

0,1 litre boter

break and whisk uieren, add melk. Add bloem, zout en suiker. Melt the boter, mix it in. Let the batter rest for 30 minutes. Pour it in an oven tray on top of baking paper and bake for 15 minutes in 250 degrees first, then lower the heat for 225 degrees and continue baking for another 15 minutes, or until the surface is golden 🙂

Hope the baking succeeds nicely in the Netherlands 🙂



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