9th meeting: Vismarkt!

On Fri 22nd of April we went to a fish market in Laukontori. The weather was sunny and not too cold, which is relatively rare for this Finnish spring 😉 It was a really nice and proper Finnish experience for the girls! And the best part: you could see and even try so many very traditional/weird Finnish foods such as kalakukko (a rye bread ‘shell’ with fish inside) and fried muikku (small fish which you eat whole, heads and tails and everything 😉 ), and the vendors were extremely nice and English-speaking! We went around searching for the best looking place to have lunch at. Finally we chose food from two different places. Me and Tess had salmon burgers and Lisanne some fried mix from a nice vendor girl, but she was jealous of our foods in the end 😉 . We were talking about all the weird foods and food traditions and learning some vocabulary also  while walking around.

muikku: kleine marene

salmon: zalm

fish burger: vis burger (just the pronounciation is a little different from English..)

fries: friet or patat, depending on which part of the Netherlands you come from

onion rings: uien ringen

This was the second-last meeting because Lisanne is already leaving on Sunday! Time went so fast!


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