Eight meeting 23.4 Cafe Europa

So today’s meeting was at Cafe Europa.. I was today feeling particularly down and anxious so I was for most of the time just sitting silently in the corner. I’m not sure why, I guess this is just one of those off days? Just feeling tired/stressed/depressed/anxious like… Not sure what is non swearing way to emphasize that(“a lot” doesn’t feel like its enough to describe). Anyway, Tiia borrowed me Russian textbook I read for a while, but I don’t think we did much studying this time around. I think we were just relaxing for most part my gloominess notwithstanding.  I did get more lively when we started playing Alias. I somehow won at Yatzi despite not really understanding rules well and being last in scores until I got Yatzi. Diana’s friends apparently had a gig at Herwood at  22:00 so I think rest of the group is going there, I can’t go there since I have stuff tomorrow to do that requires for me to be well rested. Its probably for the best anyway considering my current mood…

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