9th meeting: kalamarkkinat

Our 9th meeting was visiting the kalamarkkinat (fish market) in Tampere nearby the harbor. This was a really nice experience for me! It was a typical Finnish fish market in the heart of Tampere. We watched first all the stands and we tried some fish. I tried the muikku, a small fish baked with a little bit rye. You have to eat the whole fish in one time. I was scared to eat the whole fish, inclusive its eyes etc… But I like to try new things and also typical Finnish dishes, so I tried it! It was really nice, just the fish taste!


It was time to choose something to eat after watching all the stuff. Laura and I decided to eat a salmon burger. Lisanne took some fried and baked unions and other stuff. The salmon burger was delicious! We learned each other some words after lunch:

salmon = lohi
fish burger = kalasta hampurilainen
napkin = lautasliina
union rings = sipulirenkaat
fish market = kalamarkkinat
vendace = muikku

Our next meeting will be our last meeting…

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  1. Salmon burger sounds delicious! Since the next post will be your final, please write about your whole experience during this course reflecting on the learning/teaching process and comparing it with your expectations and the plan.

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