Spanish jamon and Korean curry – 7th meeting

For this meeting we joined again with the other Spanish-Korean grouop to taste some Spanish jamon that I had and we also took the ocasion to cook some Korean curry. So we met in Lapinkaari, my group’s residence, because the last time we met in the other group’s residence; while the Koreans were preparing the curry I made some small “bocatas de jamón” (jamon with bread) and when we finnished the jamon (quite fast), we ate the curry. I was really nice, they lked the jamon and, of course, I loved the curry so we were really happy.13046324_977388815715998_984557120_n

In the meeting we talked about some korean expresions like “맛있다” (it’s delicious), “존맛” (fucking delicious) and so on. We even ended up talking about the current political situation of Korea as well as Spains and Mexicos situation, witch was quite interesting to know about.13046161_977388855715994_181124148_n

When we finnished the lunch we went to the city center to get some ice creams. It was a really nice day, we all had a really good time and we talked about future plans for more meetings.12988141_977388775716002_1249370419_n

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