11th meeting; Tourism in Germany


meeting 9 and meeting 11 for some of us. Because we had already talked about tourism in Finland and in France, obviously we talked about Germany this time.

First place we talked about was Berlin. I love the city and I’ve been there 3 times. We started by talking about the history and Berliner Mauer. The Berlin wall use to divide Berlin into east and west like the whole Germany was once divided during the World War 2. The Wall collapsed in November 9th 1989. Then we spoke about probably the most famous sight in Berlin, Brandenburger Tor. It’s a gate which used to be the checking point between east and west Berlin when the city was divided. Nowadays you can’t drive through it anymore. Then we spoke about the Germany Parliament house Reichtagsgebäude which is located close to Brandenburger Tor. We spoke about the glass architecture thing on top of the parliament building. And here is a picture of the building.

Berlin Capital City Of Germany_2

Then we talked about Hamburg where the biggest harbor of Germany is located. Zugsspitze which is the highest mountain in Germany and spitze actually means peak. Then about Munich or München which is famous for its car technology and BMW’s of course. Also the biggest Oktober fest (beer festival) is held in Munich.  Then to mention some other cities Köln is famous for it’s church and Frankfurt for its banks and businesses. I still really love Germany and I’ll definitely visit Munich like Somaya recommended.


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