5th meeting: almost free from school

Today we organized our 5th meeting. (For who is following our blog story, the international dinner is still processing… After the last exams at school, we will have time to prepare all the delicious food we have already talked about! Aaand don’t worry we will post lots of pictures ;))

In the meanwhile, we have already learnt the basics in every language, Spanish, Dutch and Italian, so we have thought to meet in a restaurant to discuss about our lives and to move on with the vocabulary.
We decided to try something different from our countries, so we have chosen to meet in Zeytun, a Lebanese restaurant next to Hammenkatu in Tampere. The menu is vegetarian and healthy and at the end we were totally satisfied of our choice.IMG_5018

While we were eating we spoke about our daily routine in our home country. I have been fascinated looking into the history and the traditions of them.
After lunch we stayed in the restaurant almost one hour just to improve the vocabulary and we realized that spending time speaking around table after lunch is a typical Mediterranean tradition. Indeed in the Netherlands, such as in the North of Europe, they used to eat and leave the restaurant.

Monday – Maandag – Lunes – Lunedi’
Tuesday – Dinsdag – Martes – Martedi’
Wednesday – Woensdag – Miercoles – Mercoledi’
Thursday – Donderdag – Jueves – Giovedi’
Friday – Vrijdag – Viernes – Venerdi’
Saturday – Zaterdag – Sabado – Sabato
Sunday – Zondag – Domingo – Domenica

January – Januari – Enero – Gennaio
February – Februari – Febrero – Febbraio
March – Maart – Marzo – Marzo
April – April – Abril – Aprile
May – Mei – Mayo – Maggio
June – Juni – Junio – Giugno
July – Juli – Julio – Luglio
August – Augustus – Agosto – Agosto
September – September – Septiembre – Settembre
October – Oktober – Octubre – Ottobre
November – November – Noviembre – Novembre
December – December – Diciembre – Dicembre

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