Eighth meeting


Our sixth meeting was in Skype. We was again really busy, but we wanted to meet, so we thought that Skype is good idea. We first talked about greetings and then we studied. And because was a weekend, we thought that bar words and drink words would be good to study.

We learnt some sentences, for example

Mennään tanssimaan = Vamos a bailar
Voinko tarjota? = Puedo ofrecerte un trago?Käytkö usein täällä? = Vienes seguido a este bar?
Mennään baariin! = Vamos al bar!

..and some words, for example

siideri = sidra
viini = vino
punaviini = vino tinto
valkoviini = vino blanco
olut = cerveza, birra

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