Jamon and curry (again) – 8th meeting

Since Moon (one of the Korean guys of the other Each One Teach One group) couldn’t came to the meeting we had on Saturday, I proposed him to meet with my group so he could taste Spanish jamon. He was quite moved and he told me he would cook some kind of dark curry for us (I was moved too).KakaoTalk_20160419_001934239

So, on monday we met in th city center, we bought some things for the curry and went to Lapinkaari to cook. While they were doing the dark curry I brought my last jamon and lomo (another Spanish typical meat-snack) and made some bocatas for them. Moon loved the jamon and the lomo (Bo-ryeong and Dahye too) and I enjoyed the dark curry. Although I had tried some times the yellow one, it was the first time I tried this dark curry; they put a fried egg on top of it and they even made it less spicy for me.
It was really nice for them and of course for me to get to know more about our countries foods and eating cultures. Actually we almost everytime end up eating quite a lot  in our Each One Teach One meetings but I love it. KakaoTalk_20160419_001847317

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  1. Eating is never wrong! 🙂 In the remaining posts, please try to include more reflection on your personal learning/teaching process (e.g. what you learned or managed to teach, was it difficult or easy, how was it compared to your expectations, what will you do differently in the future, etc.).

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