8th meeting

For our 8th meeting we went to Pella’s Cafe at Hämeenkatu. First we talked about different topics like Mi Hyeons journey around Europe and our Finnish exam. After that we decided to continue with studying Korean and German. Since we have already the necessary knowledge about counting, we started to study how to say time in Korean and German. As counting in Korean, the time is pretty easy as well.

What time is it? = 지금 몇 시니?
It’s 7 o’clock. = (정각) 일곱시야
7:00 = 일곱시
7:15 = 일곱시 십오분
7:30 = 일곱시 삽십분
18:00 = 열 여덟시 or 오후 6시
18:20 = 오후 6시 20분
18:30 = 오후 6시 30분
A.M. = 오전 / P.M. = 오후

Thanks to Mi Hyeon I enjoyed this meeting like all the others a lot.

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