8th Meeting: Finnish movie Rare Exports

We had our eighth meeting at Elisa’s place to watch a movie. Elisa asked me to choose one of two movies that she had. I thought Santa Clause is one of the special features of Finland so I chose Rare Exports. Elisa and Tuulia had warned me before that I could be hard for me to understand Finnish jokes and this film is quite weird and a little dark for even Finns.


The film is about some reindeer farmers living in the Lapland area who discover the secret behind Santa Claus. Unlike the kind and generous Santa Claus as we all know, the one in the film is somehow bad and dangerous. To be honest, I don’t think I understood the film completely. But anyway, I did enjoy it and did have a good time, with a cup of tea and some popcorn, thanks to Elisa.

Tuulia and Elisa laughed a lot during the film, while I kept a poker and confused kid of face since I did not understand the reasons why they laughed. They told me that the English subtitle couldn’t translate the complete meaning of the Finnish dialogues in the film. They said that Finns love using swear words and they are very common used in the daily basis, I myself did learn some of them, so that in case catching them somewhere I can understand what people are saying. I think it very helpful J

I asked Tuulia and Elisa whether it is true that Finnish films usually contain not so much talking, since I found that Rare Exports had many periods of time without any conversations. They said it might be, that they hadn’t noticed but it seemed quite true.

Besides the fact that I now have some insights about Finnish film culture, I find it is urgent to learn Finnish, not because it is mandatory, but because it is interesting and full of surprises. I hope I could watch other Finnish movies in the future and learn more about Finnish culture and language, it would be very fun and exciting!

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