9th meeting

At this meeting we decided to go to Munkkikahvila at Keskustori. We talked about our last meetings and that we have already learned a lot. Therefore we decided to revise everything. I was really surprised because I kept all the numbers in my mind. However the basics of grammar in Korean were very hard for me.
I was really impressed about Mi Hyeon because she kept almost everything in her mind. Hopefully she is going to use her German know how when she is going to travel to Austria in May. Unfortunately we can’t meet there because I’ll be still in Finland at this time. We were also talking about our Finnish exam and that it is pretty hard to learn Finnish.

Unfortunately Mi Hyeon has to leave soon. Therefore we planned to go out at our last meeting. I couldn’t believe that we have only one meeting left and I’m really sad that Mi Hyeon is leaving Finland a few days after our last meeting.

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