10th meeting: Fazer café


This was our 10th meeting, the last meeting for the course Each One Teach One… We planned this last meeting a little bit earlier, because Lisanne left earlier. We had a last coffee/tea meeting, inclusive a piece of carrot cake, at Fazer café. This was not really an educational meeting. We were just talking about our experiences during this course. We really liked this course. This is a nice way of meeting new people and share your languages/cultures. I really enjoyed this course. I learned some new Finnish words which I can add in my basis Finnish conversation. I also learned a lot about the Finnish culture and I have seen more places in Tampere. We cooked and enjoyed the delicious Finnish dishes. I achieved my goals and I am very happy with this experience. We were also talking about what we are going to do after this semester/school year. Laura is working on her thesis now and will graduate this summer. Lisanne and I will have our last year of our study.

The last 3-4 months went really fast. We learned a lot from each other and I am very happy to know this two girls! Laura is coming to the Netherlands in August, so hopefully we can arrange that we meet somewhere! I know more now about the language and culture of this beautiful country where I have lived for five months. Kiitos ja hauska tavata! Nähdään, Laura and Lisanne! 😀

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