eight meeting

Today is pancake day! Delicious! I already made the pancakes during the course; Finnish cuisine. We made the pancake together and I learned the typical kitchen words in Finnish.

Jouhot= flower, leipoa= bake, sokeri= sugar, vispata= whisk, pannukakku= pancake, hunaja= honey, yyni= oven, muna= egg, maito= milk. These words were very handy for my Finnish exam, so I wrote them down and took the paper back home.

The pancake was very easy to make, but the words in Finnish are more difficult! You really  have to practice to learn these words. After the pancake we watch; Penoza (a dutch series). We watched it with Dutch subtitles and explain some words to Laura. It was a nice meeting, next time we will go to the fish market in Tampere!

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