Last meeting

We wanted to meet in Mediapolis on Thursday for our last meeting, as we both study there. There was a really interesting afterparty for the International Week and they had some art exhibits and live music in the studio in Mediapolis. But we did not have much time and we had to leave early.

The afterparty.
The afterparty.

So we decided to meet another time just to have our final breakfast together. We prepared some pancakes today and Saki and Hannah joined us to help us eat them all. But we started preparing those later than expected so we prepared salty pancakes for lunch, and not breakfast, even though we also prepared some sweet ones for dessert.


It is always interesting to meet with Hannah and Saki because Saki has a different perspective in German culture, given that I have it closer to me than her. We talked about what we learnt so far and called it a day, we finished our Each One Teach One. The next two weeks and a half I will not be able to meet Lynn, and I just have 4 weeks left here, but we will certainly make some time to make pancakes again before leaving forever.

Thank you for the experience!

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