The 10th meeting

We planned a day hiking on Thursday, so Today, Eija, Marjo and I we went hiking together. Marjo and Eija waiting me in Eija’s place and Marjo lend her huge backpack to me and taught me how to use it. Then we start our hiking in a forest. And during the hiking we also found some interesting geocaching. When we planned to come back, we found there is a small stream in the forest, and there was a dead tree across the stream, Eija try to go through it, she walked slowly and finally she did it. Then I also want to try it. When I thought I have made it, then I fall to the stream in next second, one of my shoes was totally wet, but I was still very happy. Every time I went to the forest I felt very happy. Finnish people protect the forest very well.07EB2F8AF0027E9E8E72B93C3A2548189455B444B74FE402F1C27CDE0CEB379D

This is  the last meeting, actually it´s  not the last. we will meet in summer. As I said berore, we are foing to a hiking trip in lapland. We have planned for a long time and we can´t wait this advanture.

Compare the journey with our initial plan, we have achieved most of the part  of our goal and I think what  we have ecperienced  has already exceed the initial simple goal.  I have learned a little bit Finnish and i have tasted the Finnish traditional food cooked by Eija. we have a small excited trip to go to a forest and grill the sausage. It was my first time to eat the famous black sausage. we went to forest many times and find some geocatching. I enjoy the time every time we met. Eija help me to know and understand Finnish culture. She invited me to go to her place to watch the Finnish movie. She introduced me the  traditional Finnish clothes and dagger. I also joined the Halloween party with EIja at Eija´s friend´s party. I knew some new friends and I feel happier and happier study in Finland.  I really like this course ‘Each one teach one ‘ , Eija helped me a lot. Thanks a lot to Eija.

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