The 9th meeting

Eija told me there is an old castle in hameenlinna, a city 70km from Tampere and got its name from hamee’s castle. It’s built in middle ages city. On this weekend, there is an event called heavy metal. I was really interested in this event. So we went there together. It presents life in middle ages. It was a so big castle and so many rooms in here. We took lots of pictures and bought some interesting souvenir. There was a house tournament in the afternoon. It was my first time to saw brave knights, I was really happy. So handsome knights, haha. I eat sausage and drink coffee, Eija said that I was very Finnish. haha.

3 thoughts on “The 9th meeting

  1. Hi Dandan! The tour at the castle sounds exciting! Since the next post will (most likely) be your final post, please reflect on the whole teaching/learning experience comparing your journey with your initial plan and goals. It’ll be an interesting task!

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