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9th meeting: kalamarkkinat

Our 9th meeting was visiting the kalamarkkinat (fish market) in Tampere nearby the harbor. This was a really nice experience for me! It was a typical Finnish fish market in the heart of Tampere. We watched first all the stands and we tried some fish. I tried the muikku, a small fish baked with a little bit rye. You have to eat the whole fish in one time. I was scared to eat the whole fish, inclusive its eyes etc… But I like to try new things and also typical Finnish dishes, so I tried it! It was really nice, just the fish taste!


It was time to choose something to eat after watching all the stuff. Laura and I decided to eat a salmon burger. Lisanne took some fried and baked unions and other stuff. The salmon burger was delicious! We learned each other some words after lunch:

salmon = lohi
fish burger = kalasta hampurilainen
napkin = lautasliina
union rings = sipulirenkaat
fish market = kalamarkkinat
vendace = muikku

Our next meeting will be our last meeting…

8th meeting: pannukakku & Penoza

We met at Laura’s place during our 8th meeting. Lisanne and I brought some ice-cream, because we wanted to bake the Finnish delicious dessert: pannukakku! It was easy to make, so the pannukakku was in the oven after 10/15 minutes. We wrote some words down during preparing the pannukakku:

flower = jauhot
to bake = leipoa
sugar = sokeri
whisk = vispata
honey = hunaja
oven = uuni
egg = muna
milk = maito

We had to wait for about 30 minutes so we decided to start watching the Dutch serie: Penoza. We have seen this serie during another meeting at our place without subtitels. This was hard for Laura to understand. Her boyfriend downloaded the serie with Dutch subtitles. This was more easy for Laura and sometimes we paused the serie to translate some words/sentences for Laura. We watched two episodes and were enjoying the pannukakku inclusive ice-cream and jam. 🙂 I really want to make this dish for my family and friends when I’m back in Holland!

Making discover my country !

Bonjour (“hello in French”!) everybody !

During the last meeting with my group we spoken and make discover France’s city to Emilia and Somaya.

So we decided to begin with Paris, the capital of France. There are so many things to do there; it is why when I visited Helsinki, who is also a capital, I saw a big difference : there is less things to do.

It was a pleasure for me to be “the guide” of Emilia and Somaya during one meeting !

To help them to visualize very well the city and the famous monuments, we found a map :


So of course, we spoke about the Eiffel Tower, the main famous monument of Paris (where you can take lot of selfies !!). This monuments is like the Taj Mahal in India, if you come in France and do not see the Eiffel Tower, you miss something.

But Paris is not only the Eiffel Tower, we shown them : Le Moulin Rouge (a famous cabaret),  Arc de Triomphe in the famous Etoile’s place, the Montmartre’s cathedral called Sacré Coeur, Versaille Castle …

If you come in France, you should also visit Marseille (on the seaside). We described the city to the girls as very beautiful city who was  few year ago the capital of the culture. Indeed you have the Mucem museum, the famous church : La Bonne Mère. The mood in this city is so warm, friendly, cosy.

And finally we spoke about Lyon, my city. I really like this city, and give to girls many tips and addresses. For example : The Tête d’Or square, Bellecour’s place, the street of La République, the Old Lyon (a very typical and nice district) the famous cathedral : Fourvière etc …


We also explained to them that in France we huge skiing station : Les Arcs, Val Thorens where we can have lot of fun in a huge ski area. There are different regions where you can ski : Les Alples, Les Pyrénnées ..

So after this meeting, I hope they have learned lot of things about France and they want to come to visit !


Tourism in Finland !

Hi !

I am not really a true Finland’s tourist because I live here since few months (it is not just for a trip !) but sometimes I can say that I am a tourist in Finland !! Indeed, when I arrived in this country, one of the most important thing was to discover and travel all the around the country. And this begin with the help of a local person; so thanks to Emilia, I learnt during this meeting many beautiful place you have to visit here.

So, obviously  Emilia spoke about Lapland and mainly about Glass Iglu Hotel in Ivalo. This place makes me dream ( Igloo’s room in the middle of nowhere to see northern lights in your bed) but unfortunately this place is too expensive. But I am glad to go in Lapland two times during this semester (one time with my friends and another time with my family). igloo

The second place that Emilia recommended to us  is : Kemi Castle. It is a castle built entirely of snow; very amazing and incredible to think that a building such as is possible. It shows a lot that the temperatures are so cold in this country !!

She also explained to us the main big city of Finland : the first one is Vantaa, the second is Helsinki, the third one is : Turku and finally Tampere is the fourth one. i was so surprised, because before my leaving I have heard that Tampere is the third one and Helsinki the first one.

And of course, we spoke about Tampere ! Our city ! She told us to visit : The Torni Hotel with his famous Moro’s sky-bar (I really enjoy this place), the Vapriikki museum, Nasinneula Tower, Piyynikki Tower … Of course I have visited all this place ! Here is one of my favorite picture of Tampere that I took few weeks ago ! IMG_5186

At the end of the meeting, Emilia taught to us some expressions that we have to know when we come in Finland, so here is some of them :

  • Hyvää Päivänjatkoa : Have a nice day
  • Olen hukassa : I’m lost
  • En ymmärrä : I don’t understand (my favorite one !!)
  • Minä rakastan sinua : I Love You
  • Hyvää Ruokahalua : Enjoy your meal

I really enjoy this meeting. Indeed to share our Finland experiences/trips with a Finnish person is so interesting. We can see the difference points of views from us (tourists !) and she (a local person) about the different places.

See you later for the discovery of a new country .. But witch one ? France ? Germany ? You will see !!

10th and final meeting: Fazer café

This was our final meeting in Fazer café because Lisanne was already leaving the next day. In front of the cakes we were choosing long and hard what to take and finally chose delicious looking carrot cake. This meeting was not about language learning anymore, we didn’t write anything down. We were mostly discussing about our future plans, internships and graduation as well as job hunting. It was interesting to learn how similar political decisions and current debates we had in Finland and the Netherlands in terms of for example student financial support, study fees and employment situation in both countries. In both countries it also seems to be really common at the moment that the youth are not finding jobs very easily after graduation. This surprised me a little because knowing that the situation is bad in Finland, I have imagined The Netherlands being this oasis of recruiters and unfilled job positions just waiting for employees 😉 Joking a little, but the impression that I have gotten has truly been more rosy, but on the other hand I have not been discussing about the situation with anyone, just making observations. I felt like I was supposed to know these things already as I have a Dutch boyfriend but he is not the most knowledgeable about anything related to today’s social topics in his old home country after living in Finland for 6 years already.

We thought that the three months that we had these meetings went super fast and we couldn’t believe that it’s already over. Luckily I have already booked the tickets to The Netherlands in the summer so we can see if we have the chance to go for a cup of coffee in Amsterdam or somewhere if we can fit it in everyone’s schedule 🙂 I am so very glad that I got to know these girls and got to learn so many new things about the country I am visiting about twice a year and have strong connections to, but do not know it that deeply because I have never lived there. I have learnt a lot more! Therefore, tot ziens! Until next time!

Eight meeting 23.4 Cafe Europa

So today’s meeting was at Cafe Europa.. I was today feeling particularly down and anxious so I was for most of the time just sitting silently in the corner. I’m not sure why, I guess this is just one of those off days? Just feeling tired/stressed/depressed/anxious like… Not sure what is non swearing way to emphasize that(“a lot” doesn’t feel like its enough to describe). Anyway, Tiia borrowed me Russian textbook I read for a while, but I don’t think we did much studying this time around. I think we were just relaxing for most part my gloominess notwithstanding.  I did get more lively when we started playing Alias. I somehow won at Yatzi despite not really understanding rules well and being last in scores until I got Yatzi. Diana’s friends apparently had a gig at Herwood at  22:00 so I think rest of the group is going there, I can’t go there since I have stuff tomorrow to do that requires for me to be well rested. Its probably for the best anyway considering my current mood…

Tenth meeting : Finland, France, Germany

Today, we had our tenth and last meeting.

We met in Wayne’s Coffee and all have a drink together. I was a really nice moment, when everybody share his experience and his feeling about the several meeting we shared together. We talked also about our future come back in our own country, the semester will end in few days for a part of us and are going to come back home very soon.

I spent a really nice moment, and in a part of me I was sad to know that it was the last night because I really enjoyed discover new person, and listen to them talking about their culture, their country, their language. It was all the time a nice moment of sharing. I learn new words in finnish and german, even if I don’t remember all, I still have them on my notebook and maybe one day some of them could be useful for me.

I think I was lucky, because with all the french we had the chance to discover two cultures at the same time. At the begining, I wanted only to learn more about finnish culture because I was going to live here for 6 months and it was important to discover more about the country, the culture and more interesting to listen to a Finnish girl than to read a book or listen the television. but I’m also glad to had the chance to discover the German culture with Soumaya, which is now a friend for me. We spend lot of time together apart the meeting and even if we don’t talk especially about our culture, we discover the other one, and  think that the human wealth is also necesary in our life, and most necesary during an exchange.

It was a really nice experience, I enjoy it and I advice everybody to do it because you spend really nice moment with people from other culture.



Ninth Meeting : Finland, France, Germany

On Thursday, we met for the ninth meeting. After talking about tourism in Finland and France during the previous meeting, it was time to talk about Germany.

Soumaya talked to us about the most famous city in Germany:

  • Berlin, well-know because of the history part of the country and also because it’s the capital. If we talked about Berlin, the first thing we think about is the Wall “Berliner Mauer” in German, which divided the city for several years in two parts and represents a big part of history in Germany. The wall was built after the WW2 and broken 09/11/1989. The second most famous building in Berlin is the famous gate “Brandenburger Tor“. Finally, the ” Reichstagsgebäude” which is actually the German Parlement.
  • Hamburg, a city famous for is harbor which is the biggest of Germany
  • Zugspitze the higest mountain in Germany
  • Munich, famous for the luxury german car such as BMW. In Munich, it’s possible to visit the BMW museum and discovers more about the history and the product of this famous brand.
  • Schloss Neuschwanstein, a famous castle in the south of Bavaria built in 1869 for the Bavarian King Ludwig II.

There is also a part of nature in Germany, with the black forest.

Finally, she shared with us a big event which takes place every year in Munich : Oktoberfest which is the big beer party.

We talked also about the history part of German, the “relation” with France. It was nice to share our knowledge about what happened in the past and conclude that finally, French and German can be friend.

I really enjoy Soumaya’s “presentation” of Germany. After seeing some pictures, I really want to go and visit this country that I’ve never visited for the moment even if its a neighbor country!



15.4 Seventh, or is it eight meeting?

So half of the group wasn’t able to come to previous meeting, so I’m not sure whether to count this as seventh or eight meeting. Well, regardless, this was rather short meeting after school at Tiia’s place. I don’t actually remember much about it, but I think we went mostly over the basics, or at least I did, I’m really bad in learning languages. I still struggle with saying and responding basic stuff in Russian…

9th meeting: Vismarkt!

On Fri 22nd of April we went to a fish market in Laukontori. The weather was sunny and not too cold, which is relatively rare for this Finnish spring 😉 It was a really nice and proper Finnish experience for the girls! And the best part: you could see and even try so many very traditional/weird Finnish foods such as kalakukko (a rye bread ‘shell’ with fish inside) and fried muikku (small fish which you eat whole, heads and tails and everything 😉 ), and the vendors were extremely nice and English-speaking! We went around searching for the best looking place to have lunch at. Finally we chose food from two different places. Me and Tess had salmon burgers and Lisanne some fried mix from a nice vendor girl, but she was jealous of our foods in the end 😉 . We were talking about all the weird foods and food traditions and learning some vocabulary also  while walking around.

muikku: kleine marene

salmon: zalm

fish burger: vis burger (just the pronounciation is a little different from English..)

fries: friet or patat, depending on which part of the Netherlands you come from

onion rings: uien ringen

This was the second-last meeting because Lisanne is already leaving on Sunday! Time went so fast!