the ninth meeting with Emmiina

Vappu Festival

Vappu is the biggest festival for University students! The atmosphere of Tampere was totally different with usual. Everyone was excited and happy!

The weather was also perfect to enjoy the festival. Before the real Vappu Emmiina invited me to picnic with her friends. We were supposed to meet in Laikunlava but we met in Sokos Alko actually hahahahah

We came to Sokos to buy a bottle of wine and we went to Laikunlava together! She said it is about to start a concert of Karri Koira who  is one of singers Emmiina likes. We were running to there and had a picnic for a while ! I had chance to try typical White Vappu graduation  hat from one of her friends! and we took a picture!


The concert started and we went up on the seats and danced !! It was so fun even though I don’t know them and their music! Emmiina ,her friend  and me was crazily enjoying and after the concert has ended. We went to the stage and got signature and took photos with them! It was so nice to meet here musicians in front of me!


Thanks for inviting me to real student’s  Vappu picnic!

I was so happy to be there 🙂

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