The last meeting with Emmiina

Farewell Party



It was our last meeting in Toas city where I live. I invited Emmiina to my place and we had Korean dinner together with my two Korean and three Finnish friends:)

Even Emmiina came earlier than me ….. so I brought her to my room and she gave me a gift with beautiful card! It was a muumi cup!!! that I really wanted to have ㅜㅜI was so touched ..and felt so sorry that I couldn’t prepare anything for her. ….ㅠㅠ


IMG_1222    IMG_1242

We were planning to make Korean Chicken and Korean potato pancake! Because Emmiina is always interested in food so I invited her early when we start to cook! Then she can watch how it works 🙂 We made Korean food with traditional ways. So it would be interesting for Finnish friends !

They said it’s so tasty and so different way of cooking 🙂


It is always nice to hear that Korean food is awesome! I’m very proud of that Korea has good food for everyone all over the world and many Finnish friends want to learn Korean language. We had great time with cooking and eating!

Also because it was very good weather, we went for a picnic ! with a bottle of wine and vodka which I bought from Russia in the ferry 🙂

FullSizeRender FullSizeRender_1 IMG_1240

We enjoyed the sunny weather with a glass of alcohol.!!! wit a lot of photos ♥

We also studied until our last meeting !!!!!!! We studied about month and weekdays !



January = Tammikuu

February = Helmikuu

March = Maaliskuu

April = Huhtikku

May = Toukokuu

June= KesäKuu

July = Heinäkuu

August = elokuu

September = suuskuu

October = lokakuu

November= marraskuu

December = joulukuu

Monday = Maanantai

Tuesday = Tiistai

Wednesday = Keskiviikko

Thursday = Torstai

Friday = Perjantai

Saturday = lauantai

Sunday = Sunnuntai



I enjoyed EOTO a lot! It was my best choice in Finland! I’m so lucky that I met a perfect friend through EOTO and She is coming to Korea next year as an exchange student

So I’m so thank u, EOTO! You made my days in Finland really!

Thanks Emmiina having a lot of good time with me and teach me Finnish language ^^

See u, Kiitos!




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