8. Meeting at Café Europa!

For our 8th meeting we decided to go to Café Europa at night to enjoy some late drinks. This time we wanted to be fancier than usual so decided to go for a glass of good wine instead of just beers (which took 3 hours for us to drink it as it was so expensive we really wanted to enjoy sip by sip haha)

In order to do something different as usual, we took some board games to spend the night. We chose the Trivial Pursuit and started to ask some questions about different topics, and we tried to look for questions related to our countries, so that we could also keep learning things about our places of birth. After a while, I have to say that I really need to improve when it comes to geography, but also I realised that I know more facts about history than I thought.

Besides that, we talked about the type of governments we have in our countries (Constitutional monarchies in Spain and The Netherlands and constitutional republic in Italy), about how the languages we speak are spread around the world, and also about some differences between the Spanish language in Spain and South America.

One funny fact that happened during the night was realising when we were ordering the drinks, that the way we use our fingers to count is different. In Italy and The Netherlands, to say “3” they use their thumb, index and middle finger, as in Spain we use index, middle and ring finger. It was something really surprising for us as we didn’t expect cultural differences in something such insignificant as counting with the fingers.


1 thought on “8. Meeting at Café Europa!

  1. I’ve forgotten about the count with the fingers! Ahahah
    It was so funny! Sometimes the littlest things are the most surprising!

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