7. Meeting at Fazer Café!

For our 7th meeting we went to Fazer Café once again, and as the academic year is coming to an end, we have plenty of free time, and we could spend a few hours just relaxing, talking and enjoying some coffee.

The topic of our conversation was again food somehow, but this time we talked about our eating habits, the most weird dishes we hade ver tried, and curious stories we have experienced related to food in foreign countries due to misunderstandings. For example, Valeria doesn’t eat meat and some years ago she went to Scotland with her family, where she ordered a dish not knowing what it had inside.

It’s kind of curious to compare what is normal and what looks weird and disgusting in different parts of the world.

After this, we went back to teaching and learning languages, and for this meeting we started with some basic verbs tenses. Once again, Italian is not a big deal for me, but Dutch is being a real challenge!


English Italian Spanish Dutch
To be Essere Ser Zijn
To have Avere Haber Hebben
To eat Mangiare Comer Eten
To sleep Dormire Dormir Slapen
To go Andare Ir Gaan
To ask Chiedere Pedir/Preguntar Vragen
To name Chiamarse Llamarse Benoemen
To buy Comprare Comprar Kopen
To see Vedere Ver Zien
To speak Parlare Hablar Spreken

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