27.5 Ninth meeting

Wow, its been a month since the last meeting huh. Everybody has been rather busy since last time. Well, anyway, this meeting was at 11:00 AM at Tiia’s place. So yeah, super early. I think everyone was so tired that we didn’t end up doing much of studying, mostly just exchanging news and stuff. I guess that makes this good post for that self reflection stuff I should have probably done more in previous posts… Well, besides that now after a month’s break its kinda hard to remember stuff.

Well, I guess that is a good segway to reflect about learning Russia(since I have really hard time remembering how to speak Russian :’D)… I probably would have much easier time with that if I had figured out a way to use it everyday and otherwise be more active in terms of studying it at home. Though that probably applies to all courses during this spring, I’ve been rather passive and felt really down during whole spring. Well, at least now I have decided to ask professionals opinion on matter, would be nice to get self esteem tips even if I don’t have depression. Well, anyway, I did manage to recap some really basic things, so thats nice. Now on teaching side of things…  Well, I did try my best when it came to explaining Finnish stuff and ways to say stuff, but I did have that problem in that my way of speaking is less casual than most people’s, so I had to be corrected a lot in terms of “What people would actually say”. Umm… Well, thats about what I remember right now about eight last meetings in terms of that subject .-. Guess thats about it for now, maybe by next time I have remembered something else to ponder about. Next meeting should be 6.6 if I remember right.

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