9. International dinner

For our 9th meeting we decided to make an international dinner with our different dishes as first, second and dessert. The plan was to go to the groceries all together, learn the different ingredients in Spanish, Italian and Dutch, and then cook and eat in our dormitory.

We prepared the following menu. For the first dish we had Valeria’s pasta with pesto (as in Italy it is usual to have pasta first), for the second dish I made a Spanish omelette (a.k.a tortilla de patatas) and then for the dessert Jamila made a delicious banana bread.

Once in the supermarket, we bought:
One pack of pasta – un paquete de pasta – un pacco di pasta – een pak pasta
A jar of pesto – un frasco de pesto – un vasetto di pesto – een pot pesto
5 potatos – cinco patatas – cinque patate – vijf  aardappelen
6 eggs – seis huevos – sei ouva – zes eieren
4 bananas – cuatro plátanos – quattro banane – vier bananen
A pack of flour – un paquete de harina – un pacchetto di farina – een pak meel
A pack of sugar – un paquete de azúcar – un pacchetto di zucchero – een pack suiker

Then we went back to TOAS City and started cooking.

Valeria boiled the water, added some salt and put the pasta in one pot. Then she drained it and added the pesto and some parmesan cheese on top.

I peeled and cut the potatos, then fried them until they were soft. After that I put them in a different pan and added the beaten eggs until the omelette was done on one side and then I turned the omelette in the pan to cook the other side.

Jamila prepared the dough of the banana bread, put it in the baking tin and then she put it in the oven until it was cooked outside but still a bit soft inside.
They were all simple recipes but all the dishes were really good! One of my favourite parts of living in an international dormitory is that I have learnt tons of different recipes that I’m sure I’ll make when I come back to Spain. For sure my family is going to be happy about this!


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