Cooking Korean food and picnic with friends

On Monday it was our last meeting! We cooked some Korean food with friends and after that went to Koskenranta have some wine. Looking forward to meet Jisoo again in Seoul next spring when im going there for exchange!


We also studied weekdays and months, it was pretty simple. Weekdays have always same ending, -“juil”. Woljuil, hawjuil, sujuil, mokjuil, kumjuil, tojuil, and iljuil.
Basically months are counted with numbers and added “wol” in the end. So January is “first month”, February is “second motnh”, etc..
Il wol, e wol, sam wol, sa wol, yu wol, yuug wol, chil wol, pal wol, gu wol, sib wol, sib il wol, sib e wol.

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