EPISODE 8: Back to our childhood!

In this session we met to have dinner at Fernando’s place. Why dinner? Because we wanted to watch the most important TV series for our generation. Rosalia and Irene (two media students from Andalusia) also joined because they are nice people and they were interested in the topic. The cartoons you watch when you are a kid influence a lot the way you grow up and are one of the most precious memories for a generation. We prepared a list with just 5 series (in order to cover them deeply and not just superficially) and, unexpectedly, we coincided in three out of five! The only difference is that Fernando saw this series in Spanish and I saw it in Catalan. That might seem a small detail, but we had some “discussions” because the names of the characters and the elements of the series were different. Different names means changing the memory and that is something none of us is going to do (because it’s like changing our past, our identity).


We both had seen Doraemon, Shin Chan and Dragon Ball. For Catalan people this are the three series that influenced the most our generation. It is part of the Catalan culture of the people of my age. Fernando told me that Shin Chan was one of the most important series for Madrilians but also Dragon Ball. The most interesting point were the series that we didn’t have in common. I learned that in Madrid superheroes and magic creatures are always present. The popular series in Madrid usually enhance the proud and epic character of Madrilians. On the other hand, Catalan series are not always Japanese and rely more on crazy topics, not specially superheroes. But that is a very tiny difference, at the end, we all watch the same series.

We spent more than 5 hours watching episodes of the series in Catalan and Spanish and commenting the names and the stories. I could had never imagined that there would be so much difference between the Catalan translation and the Spanish translation. It was a very interesting experience and thanks to that teaching/learning method, we could discuss about the series and I got a new point of view on the series that influenced my childhood.


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