EPISODE 5: Viva la fiesta!

Today was a extremely fun session. The topic of this meeting was the night life in our respective cities and it was supposed to be a session to share the main entertaining activities in the city and the sort of people that do them. But, at the end, we end up sharing funny and epic memories in those places. We couldn’t stop laughing! Thanks to this, I understood better the character of each place/activity and the things that you can expect of each of those places. It is the power of memories! Let’s take a closer look to the session outcomes:

Each of us prepared two lists: one with mainstream, popular and crowded places to go out and another with small, non conventional and special places. Even though Fernando and I proposed many options, we decided to highlight two main and effective options in each list. This is the result:


Mainstream places: Tartufo + Serrano 41
Alternative places: Pubs in Malasaña + Matadero de Madrid

Catalonia (Barcelona)

Mainstream places: Port olimpic (OPIUM) + Razzmataz
Alternative places: Pubs in Gracia (a neighborhood) + Fabrica moritz.

Because both cities are big and European capitals, the mainstream places are discos and the alternative are small pubs or bars in “hipster” neighborhoods. But after sharing memories and experiences there, I realized that in Barcelona the alternative places are usually related to some kind of cultural movement and so they organize many cultural activities there. But, in general, the night life is similar I both places.



After this intense session, I am more capable of going out in Madrid and of moving in the city during the night. Now I know stories of each place and that makes me feel I have been there myself because I can imagine better the place and compare it with other references. It was surprisingly easy to teach Fernando and to learn because we created a relaxed and cheerful environment that enabled a better teaching/learning experience. I am extremely happy with this session and I hope the next will be as fun as this one.

This is Fernando laughing


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