EPISODE 6: Hang over… Let’s visit the city.

In this session we meet in “Arthouse Cinema Niagara”‘s caffe to change a bit the space. We didn’t prepare anything for this session because it was supposed to be one of the easiest of the whole plan: the main features of our cities. We already knew which are the main buildings, squares or museums that tourist visit and we also knew some features that might not be that popular. But, what we didn’t know is that we had no idea about the places themselves! We knew the name and where were they but we had never been and we didn’t know the history of the place or why they are important.


We started drawing a map with the main features. After that, we both tried to explain more about the features but we realized that we didn’t know much about them. So, we end up looking for videos, images and information a bout the places. Even though we faced these shameful dificulties, it was a nice experience because we learnt more about our respective cities while we taught things about them.


I also discovered that Madrid has more features than what I expected. As I taught Fernando, almost all the main features of Barcelona are related to Gaudi or the artistic movement called “modernisme”. But Madrid has way more diverse features than Barcelona. I was really shocked with the area so called “Madrid de los Austrias”. Here are some pictures of the place, they are awesome. Now I know the most interesting palaces of Madrid and were I should go to see beautiful buildings without a large amount of tourists. And I am also more capable of teaching others about the main feature of Barcelona. I think now I could even make a tour! At the end, it was one of the most useful sessions and, despite the already mentioned difficulties, we followed the plan successfully. And we put some homework: visit our own cities as tourists!

P.S.: While looking for information about the main features of Barcelona I discovered this video which I showed to Fernando. This is one of the things that I discovered while teaching. I hope I will see that one day…

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