EPISODE 7: The final battle of the language war


I was looking forward for the 7th session. When we wrote the preliminary plan this one was one of the best ideas we had. I met Fernando at my apartment and we took a quick look at the previous language meetings and revised the Catalan grammar. After that, I phoned a friend of Fernando from Madrid and I made Fernando call one of my best friends from Barcelona. We had a conversation and the objective was to look like locals. The results were really funny. We did not look like locals but we tried our best. Using all the words, idioms and expressions that I learnt in previous meetings I was able to keep a decent conversation with a Madrilian. And, of course, that made me understand better the meaning of all the previous outcomes.

With Sánchez (Fernando’s friend) I spoke about the situation of the city with the new Mayer as well as about the night life and the life of Madrilians. It was very interesting because, while I was practicing the acquired vocabulary, I was confirming Fernando’s information about Madrid’s  culture. I had a second point of view on the topic we had covered before and that made me capable of understanding better the city and knowing mo about the culture. Maybe it would had been better to do it at the end because there are some topic that I would had really like to discuss with Sanchez but we hadn’t covered them yet.

Fernando tried his best to speak Catalan but, even though he has learnt a lot in 7 days, it was difficult for him to follow a conversation in Catalan. At one point they had to change it to English, but he used many expressions and words and that made me feel proud of him. I helped him sometimes and, at the end, he could almost speak full speeches in Catalan. I was awesome! We followed the plan but we decided that we would keep doing some more language during the next sessions because, as we all know, to master a language you have to keep speaking it, otherwise you just loose it.

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