10th meeting

Our last meeting was on Mothers day via Skype. After battling with connections for awhile we studied vocabulary about family and relationships. Once again, Isa had very good materials to study. In Spanish many of the words describing family relations have the same stem and are only differentiated between masculine and feminine.

  • aunt / uncle – la tía / le tío – täti / setä
  • sister / brother – la hermana / la hermano – sisar / veli
  • daughter / son – la hija / el hijo – tytär / poika
  • grandma / grandpa – la abuela / el abuelo – mummo / pappa

When talking about in-laws, we had to admit that non of us Finns could remember all the Finnish terms (who uses “kyty” anymore?). In Spanish naming in-laws is a bit simpler; same term goes with both sides of the couple. For example, the sister-in-law – la cuñada – käly or nato and the brother-in-law – el cuñado – lanko or kyty.

Since this was our last meeting we also talked about everyone’s summer/future plans. It has been nice studying with these girls and I feel that my knowledge of Spanish grammar and pronunciation have increased during this spring. At least my vocabulary has.

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