8th meeting

Weekend studies via Skype led us to study words and phrases that are useful when going out.

  • Vamos! – Let´s go!
  • Vamos al bar – Let´s go to a bar
  • Vamos a bailar – Let´s go dancing

At a bar it is essential to know these:

  • Te ves bien – You look good
  • Como la estás pasando? – How is it going?
  • Vienes seguido a este bar? – Do you come here (this bar) often?
  • Puedo ofrecerte un trago? – Can I offer you a drink?
  • Todo bien – All good
  • ¿Todo bien? – Is everything good?

And of course you might want to know these:

  • Cerveza / birra / chela – beer
  • Canã – small beer
  • Fría – cold
  • Vino blanco – white wine
  • Vino tinto – red wine

That´s everything you need to survive a bar night!

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