9.6 Tenth meeting

So because I had estimated my schedule badly, I arrived 25 minutes late to the meeting and had to leave bit early. Well besides that, this meeting was at Tiia’s place again and we talked about stuff like how to say “Are you going to see that movie” and stuff. Basically, same as usual, this wasn’t exactly the dramatic “Oh, the tenth and possibly the final meeting!” type of stuff. It was nice to see people from group again and I’ll probably see them passing by at Tamk at least.

I should probably have some kind of epic and beautiful “Final post” speech here, but I’m not really good at that sort of stuff. And I already tried that reflecting thing in last post, so… Yeah, not sure what to say. I didn’t manage to improve my Russian much, but it was fun to recap it and these meetings were fun. So good time was had and that is enough for me.

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