FIN/SWE – First Date

I wrote this last Friday (9.9.2016) but since the course blog hadn’t opened yet so I upload it now instead.

I just came home from the first EOTO meeting and I have to say it went really well. Always in the beginning you’re afraid you won’t click with the other person, now I feel really good.
We met at the Fazer Café over tee/coffee and introduced ourselves. We then focused on planning our next meetings and throwing ideas back and forth about what to do, and I have to say we’ve got quite a few amazing ideas (starting with a city exploration since we’re both new to Tampere).

Then we talked about cultural stereotypes, which might sound ridiculous since we’re both from Finland, but there are differences between Finnish-speaking Finns and Swedish-speaking Finns. I think the main things we discussed was the “richness” of Swedish-speaking Finns (I’ve heard it many times, we are supposed to have a lot of money..). The height of Finns was as well a discussion topic. I’ve noticed that Finns along the west coast (where most of the Swedish-speaking Finns live) are often taller than the ones in, for example, Tampere.

After discussing we looked around the café and translated a few words

  • Assiett – Asetti
  • Sked – Lusikka
  • Choklad – Suklaa
  • Lampa – Lamppu
  • Sallad – Salaatti
  • Kaffe – Kahvi
  • Café – Kahvila
  • Kyckling/Broiler – Kana/Broileri
  • Soppa – Keitto
  • Servitör/Servitris – Tarjoilija

I think this was a good first session. We are both new to the course and have some background in the other language, and now we know each other a little bit and have been able to actually plan stuff. Next time will be sightseeing in two languages! (If the weather allows it…)

– Ida Smedlund

I completely forgot about taking some pictures! Next time I’ll remember…

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