The third meeting

Yesterday we had such a nice meeting with Ida and her boyfriend and me and my husband. We had some delicious red wine from my home town and ate yummy mud cake à la Ida while playing board games!

We started the evening with a game called Mallorca, which was a nice and interesting game. Then we played Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Kimble which was obviously awesome.


We ended the night with a few rounds of Rummikub, a cool intensive number game. If I remember right, Ida and his boyfriend won all of the games, me and my husband being the losers.


This meeting was definitely focused on Finnish since we didn’t really do anything but talked in Finnish. So I was pretty much only the teacher this time, but we will have a Swedish oriented meeting too someday soon. Still I felt like I needed to learn something so I asked a few words I thought would be nice to learn:

  • Board game – lautapeli – brädspel
  • Candle – kynttilä – ljus
  • Red wine – punaviini – rödvin
  • Piece (i guess)  – pelinappula – spelpjäs
  • Tea – tee – te
  • Hourglass – tiimalasi – timglass

So that was our third meeting, next time we’ll be heading to the pub next to Fazer café and Moro Sky Bar in Sokos Hotel Torni, it’ll be great I’m sure!


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