3. EOTO Deutsch-Korean

So, for our third meeting we decided to have an international food evening at my home.

Firstly, we started by going all together in the super market and buy all the necessary ingredients. We found out that cooking Korean food is goning to be very difficult so we just got it simple. As we were in the market we talked about differences in the breads especially with German ones as Finnish bread is not that tasty.

Going back to home to cook got us so hungry so we couldn’t wait the time to have our food ready. As we were eating Rossi told us about some Typical German things when you are talking in the phone and about the difficulties of cooking German food.

About Korean language Eddie tried to make us tell have a good meal but Yen was the only to achieve it. He also tried to tell as some foof words and finally we caught ourselves talk about the best Korean Schools and how strict is their educational system. (And how genius asian people are)14454077_1689510314702862_536534890_o

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