FIN/JAP Second meeting 22.9.

The weather was too cold for the picnic we had been planning so we went to the school library’s balcony.

We started with Finnish and I was happy and surprised to notice that Nao is making progress very fast. I thought the Finnish verb conjugations would take much more time to learn. So in the future we’ll mostly be concentrating on the many exceptions to these rules.

I had my course book with me so we went through some things I’m currently learning. I also learned some useful phrases which are still a bit beyond my grammatical knowledge. For example:

(object)wo mottekite = bring something, literally “come with (object)”

raishuu made ni (object) wo yonde kite = read (object) for next week

nihongo wo hanasu to itta = I said I speak Japanese

I find these meetings very helpful because this way I learn more casual things than what they teach on formal courses. Next time we’ll have lunch somewhere, looking forward to that!

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