Helsinki on 10.9.16

Patricia and I went to Helsinki for the day. Mainly because Patty wanted to do some shopping but also because she really wants to see a lot of places while she’s here in Finland, starting with Helsinki. We’re pretty used to hanging out together now; it was the 4th weekend that she’s here.

During the bus ride to Helsinki, we decided to start on learning languages and Patty wanted to learn animals so we taught each other animals and had a lot of laughs doing it. I joked that now I’d be covered if I went to the zoo in Holland since I knew how to say rhino and elephant and tiger in Dutch (among many other animals).

We didn’t go around learning Dutch and Finnish all day but we did randomly say ”Oh this is how you say this in Dutch/Finnish!” and learned a new random word. And we really had to work on my pronounciation since Dutch has some really difficult sounds for me, even though I’ve studied six different languages.

I had a lot of fun learning and teaching. I did realize that you can only learn as much as you’re motivated and interested to learn. Some words I remembered easy. Some I didn’t. You won’t remember things that don’t interest you. Overall though, teaching Patty was a lot of fun. I think she did a really great job in trying.

After Saturday, I felt like I knew so much Dutch already. Not conversationally, but I could make out some words when Patty talked in Dutch to our other Dutch friends here in Tampere.

Patty and I also bond over our mutual love of taking pictures and being in pictures. I learn about her and her culture and where she comes from and why she loves the things she loves and I find connecting with someone amazing. I think it’s a great start for learning Dutch.

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