The fourth meeting

Another lovely meeting with Ida behind! This time we finally headed to the place where we could get some deep fried chocolate. It was delicious! During our time there we decided to talk with our mother languages, so we could learn by just listening to each other. That was a really good decision ’cause it felt like I’m really starting to learn stuff!


Ida is really really good at Finnish already, and she understands me quite perfectly (I think). There’s still some words every now and then that she doesn’t know yet. I on the other hand have to interrupt her quite a lot when she speaks Swedish to me, but it’s okay you know, we’re here to learn! This really is the type of learning I need. I just told Ida that I’m really bad at learning things by myself, so she’s the biggest help possible to me with Swedish studies.


After the desserts we went to Torni for drinks. The view was beautiful and calm and the atmosphere was super relaxing. We continued to talk in our languages and had a really nice evening!


This meeting was definitely harder than the others since I had to understand the fast Swedish coming from a native Swedish talking person. But like I said it taught me a lot and I’m really looking forward to our next meetings! Whoa I can’t believe I’m excited about learning Swedish!!

From now on we will be texting in the languages we’re trying to learn, so now I have to write in Swedish and understand spoken Swedish. I haven’t spoken Swedish yet but I’m on my way there. Maybe after a few meetings..? We’ll see!

Here’s a little list again of a few words that felt important:

  • Student counsellor – opinto-ohjaaja – studiehandledare
  • To get engaged – mennä kihloihin – förlova sig
  • Enjoy/feel nice – viihtyä – trivas
  • Maple – vaahtera – lönn
  • Lecture – luento – föreläsning
  • Dusk – hämärä – skymning


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  1. You understand almost everything I’m saying! 😀 I definitely think you’ll start talking before this is over 😉

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