FIN-JAP 3rd meeting at Thai restaurant that offering Sushi 26 Sep.

For our third meeting, Toni and me went to “Ming Zhu”, Thai ravintola.

They’re offering Thai buffet lunch, including Sushi. I was very suspicious but it’s been a while since I’ve left Japan and started missing Asian foods, so there was no way to refuse it.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t see Toni’s chopstick skill because he’s not in good condition with his broken arm, but anyway it was fun to watch him eating Sushi with knife and folk. It was very modern.

I really liked Thai foods they’re serving. They also had Salmiakki which I hate after have finished one big bag full of them a couple weeks ago.

We talked about historical and political things. I’m so interested in these topics because Finnish education system or government policy towards foreigners are significantly different from those in Japan. It was hard to understand how they manage it since I’m from such a small island in the far east.

I’m impressed that he remember really well what he learned from last meeting. It motivate me to work on my Finnish study.

We will have fourth meeting next week.

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