Finnish-Japanese second meeting at library 22 Sep.

We did our second meeting last week and 3rd yesterday, so I’m going to post two blogs today.

We(Toni and me) had the second meeting at the TAMK’s library. We were supposed to go outside and have a picnic but it was not very good weather so we took plan B.

We were quite productive while we’re studying, did grammatical staffs and vocabularies and such. Also we had a nice talk about cultural things.

It was interesting to think about distribution and routes of our languages. Because Finnish language is differ from other languages derived from Latin, I’d been curious about where they came from.   It is good to know about history or background of language that you study. It is one way to approach it.

We agreed to go out to eat lunch for our third meeting, using Supervihko we got from TAMKO office.


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