JAP/FIN 3rd Meeting 26.9.

This time we met at an Asian restaurant called Ming Zhu. We chose this restaurant because it had a buffet at student price and sushi in it. We had our suspicions about the sushi but in my case they faded away when I got my hands on the stuff for the first in months. Of course it wasn’t even close to the real Japanese sushi IN Japan but still decent and interesting.

On previous meetings we have focused only on studying the languages so this meeting was a bit more informal, so to speak. I learned that ika means squid but mostly we talked about cultures and art. We found out that we both like Takeshi Kitano’s film Hana-bi(one of my all-time favorite films)and the works of Joe Hisaishi who composed the music for that and many other great Kitano and Ghibli movies.

We also discussed the questions of immigration and refugees from our countries’ perspectives. I’ve always been very welcoming for people who want to live in Finland but I also think and speak as a person who himself is going to leave. The Japanese way of staying more closed but letting those who will respect the local culture and are willing to “blend” in stay, might be better than just opening the door for everyone who knocks. This keeps the culture original and as distinctive (and great) as it is.

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