4th German/Korean meeting

meeting time

So today Eddie started with teaching Korean language again and after briefly going over the Korean alphabet again (so that we all can start with actual reading Korean), we started with useful Korean words for every dialogues.

Oh and what was in important to note is, that we only looked at informal ways of this stuff, so I need to careful to not address elder people with these words/sentences! So confusing.

Anyways, it was really funny to practice the pronunciation of for example just “yes”.
That would be 응 (eung) but it’s really weird to pronounce because you don’t really say the g at the end and it just sounds more like a bit “n”.

I tried also to write down the words in Korean with my own handwriting but I was really slow so I just wrote down some really basic stuff.

Continuing with German

Since both Yen AND Eddie will be going to Germany soon (yaaay!) I started teaching some practical German words and sentences for everyday life.

After basic stuff like:

  • Hello = Guten Tag / Hallo
  • Thanks = Danke / Dankeschön
  • Please = Bitte / Bitteschön

and so on I continued with more useful stuff for when they are asking people for help for example:

Where is…?    =    Wo ist…?

I didn’t want to overwhelm with too much words, so I stopped at some point but I was happy to see that everybody was eagerly writing all the stuff down and practiced the pronunciation.

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